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Lead Magnet

Andrej The Freelancer
4 min readOct 6, 2023


  • Purpose: Engage leads effectively using a lead magnet.
  • Core Concept: Offer a complete solution to a narrow problem to attract ideal customers.
  • Flow: Low Trust ➔ Mini Offer (High Trust) ➔ Sale.
  • Ultimate Goal: Make the right people more likely to buy.

Quote: “Great leads are the offspring of great lead magnets.”

Site Map:

The Core Four: Warm Outreach; Post Content + Monetize Content; Cold Outreach; Make Ads + Monetize Ads

1. The Core Four 1. Lead Magnet I 2. SEO I 3. Your First 5 Clients I 4. Content Marketing I 5. Cold Outreach I 6. Paid Ads I 7. More, Better, New

2. Lead Getters 1. Referrals I 2. Employees I 3. Agencies I 4. Affiliates

3. Excecution: Open To Goal, I $0–$100M Roadmap I

Deep Step-by-Step Explanation:

1. Understanding the Basics:

Understanding the Basics: Offer, Core Offer, Lead Magnet
  • Offer: What you exchange for money and the terms of the exchange.
  • Core Offer: Your primary revenue generator.
  • Lead Magnet: A solution to a specific problem, often discounted or free, to attract ideal customers.

2. The Lead Magnet Strategy:

The Lead Magnet Strategy
  • Once a lead magnet addresses a specific issue, it should highlight the next problem, which is addressed by your core offer.
  • Why Use a Lead Magnet? Those who invest their time now are more likely to invest money later. Provide high value to ensure they’re interested in your core offer.

3. Case Study Approach

Case Study Approach
  • Showcase the design, landing page, etc.
  • Highlight the results, such as visitor count.
  • Feature testimonials with images/names.
  • End with a CTA: “Do you want us to do this for you?”

4. Types of Lead Magnets:

Types of Lead Magnets
  • Reveal Problem: E.g., Offer a free site audit for SEO services.
  • Free Trial: Limit by quantity or time.
  • Step 1 of X: Offer a part of a larger solution. E.g., Improve website speed with one free tip, with nine more available for purchase.

5. Delivery Methods:

Delivery Methods
  • Software: Tools like spreadsheets or dashboards.
  • Information: Courses, interviews, tips, etc.
  • Services: E.g., Free audits.
  • Physical Products: Tangible items related to what you sell.

6. Naming Your Lead Magnet:

Naming Your Lead Magnet
  • The initial impression is crucial. A good name can drastically increase engagement.
  • Test names using ads, polls, and social media platforms.
  • Aim for simplicity and clarity.

7. Quality Assurance:

Quality Assurance
  • Ensure your free offerings are of high quality.
  • The market judges you by your free content.
  • Offer exceptional value both in free and paid content.

8. Creating Next Steps:

Creating Next Steps
  • Clearly define the Call to Action (CTA).
  • Highlight reasons to act immediately, using scarcity and urgency.
  • Always provide a reason for the CTA.

9. Final Thoughts:

“Great leads want great lead magnets.”

A successful lead magnet engages ideal customers, provides value, and makes them more likely to purchase.

Remember: The goal is to engage the right people and make them more likely to buy. Always strive for excellence in every step of the process.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude this guide, remember that a great lead magnet does more than just attract leads. It engages the right customers, enhances your brand image, and ultimately boosts your revenue.

Quote: “A great lead magnet engages ideal customers when they see it, gets more people to engage than your core offer alone, and makes the right people more likely to buy.”

Apply the strategies discussed in this guide to create a successful lead magnet for your business. Ready to take your business to the next level? Message dee7 studio on Whatsapp by clicking on the button below and let us audit your website for free, with a quote for improvement and implementation.



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