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Cold Outreach Playbook

Andrej The Freelancer


Welcome to the world of cold outreach, where we expand beyond our immediate network and tap into the potential of engaging with strangers. This isn’t just about reaching out; it’s about creating meaningful connections from scratch. Let’s dive in!

Site Map:

The Core Four: Warm Outreach; Post Content + Monetize Content; Cold Outreach; Make Ads + Monetize Ads

1. The Core Four 1. Lead Magnet I 2. SEO I 3. Your First 5 Clients I 4. Content Marketing I 5. Cold Outreach I 6. Paid Ads I 7. More, Better, New

2. Lead Getters 1. Referrals I 2. Employees I 3. Agencies I 4. Affiliates

3. Excecution: Open To Goal, I $0–$100M Roadmap I

Understanding Cold Outreach:

  • Cold outreach is like knocking on a stranger’s door. It’s direct, one-to-one, and yes, it’s personal. You’re reaching out to individuals who might never have heard of you or your business.
  • Remember, this strategy is timeless. It worked a century ago, and it will continue to work, regardless of technological advancements. The key ingredient? Human connection.

The Trust Factor:

  • Strangers don’t trust you…yet. That’s the challenge. You’re starting from ground zero, building trust from nothing. It’s different from warm outreach because there’s no prior relationship.

Three Challenges You’ll Face:

  1. Finding Contacts: You need to find people to reach out to.
  2. Getting Attention: Most people will ignore unfamiliar contacts.
  3. Sparking Interest: Even if they listen, they might not care…yet.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cold Outreach:

1. How It Works:

  • Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to contact individuals one-on-one. This could be through knocking on doors, making phone calls, sending direct messages, or leaving voicemails. Choose your adventure!

2. How to Contact:

  • Building Your Contact List:
  • Scrape Contacts with Software: Use technology to your advantage. Find software that can gather potential leads for you. Test different ones and stick with the most effective.
  • Purchase Lists from Brokers: If you’re willing to invest, you can buy lists of potential leads. Always test a sample first to ensure quality.
  • Manual Search: Good old-fashioned elbow grease. Join groups, communities, and search databases. If they fit your criteria, they’re a potential lead.
  • Action Step: Start by searching for “outbound leads scraping tool” or “database lead scraping.” If budget is tight, begin with manual searches.
  • Pro Tip: Interest groups are goldmines. They’re filled with people actively seeking solutions. If there’s a way to scrape information from these groups, do it.

3. What to Say:

  • Personalization is Key: Your message should feel like it’s coming from a friend. Mention their name, reference something specific about them, and make it personal.
  • Provide Value Fast: Strangers have short attention spans. Offer them something mind-blowing within the first 30 seconds. Make your offer so good they’d feel silly turning it down.
  • Action Step: Research each lead before reaching out. Craft your message and keep it simple and jargon-free.
  • Pro Tip: Simplify your message. The easier it is to understand, the more responses you’ll get.

4. How Much to Do:

  • Increase Your Volume: The more people you contact, the better your chances. Consider automating parts of this process if possible.
  • Follow Up: Don’t stop at one attempt. Follow up multiple times, in various ways. But always respect people’s wishes if they decline further contact.

Pro Tip: If you’re new, observe the best performers in your team. Then, try to double their efforts. More effort equals more chances to succeed.

5. Benchmarks:

  • Know Your Numbers: Track everything. How many calls did you make? How many people responded? How many showed interest? These numbers tell you how you’re doing.
  • Pro Tip: Assign a specific number of leads to each team member per week. Make sure no lead goes unattended.

6. Why Bother With Cold Outreach?

  • It’s stealthy. Your competition won’t see you coming.
  • It’s reliable and less subject to platform changes or compliance issues.
  • It’s hard for others to replicate.

Author Note: Don’t limit your beliefs. With the right strategy, you can scale your outreach massively. Embrace automation and technology to expand your reach.

Daily Checklist for Cold Outreach Success:

  • Who: You and your team.
  • What: Your irresistible offer.
  • Where: Any platform where you can contact people directly.
  • To Whom: Your carefully compiled list of leads.
  • When: Every day. Consistency is key.
  • Why: To engage leads and make sales.
  • How: Through calls, emails, texts, DMs, voicemails, etc.
  • How Much: Aim for 100 contacts per day.
  • How Long: Commit to the long haul. Persistence pays off.

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