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$0 to $100M Scaling Roadmap

Andrej The Freelancer


The $0 — $100M Scaling Roadmap: A Step-by-Step Guide

Site Map:

The Core Four: Warm Outreach; Post Content + Monetize Content; Cold Outreach; Make Ads + Monetize Ads

1. The Core Four 1. Lead Magnet I 2. SEO I 3. Your First 5 Clients I 4. Content Marketing I 5. Cold Outreach I 6. Paid Ads I 7. More, Better, New

2. Lead Getters 1. Referrals I 2. Employees I 3. Agencies I 4. Affiliates

3. Excecution: Open To Goal, I $0–$100M Roadmap

Level 1: Starting with Your Circle

Primary Action:

  • Warm Outreach
  • Start by informing your friends about your offerings.
  • Focus on one offer, targeting one type of customer (avatar), on one platform.
  • Reach out to everyone you know to get engaged leads.

Level 2: Consistent Outreach

Primary Actions:

  • Warm Outreach & Content Posting
  • Regularly update your network about your offerings.
  • Identify the exact steps needed to generate an engaged lead.
  • Use paid aids and a case study as a lead magnet.
  • Start posting free content consistently.

Level 3: Expanding Your Advertising Efforts

Primary Action:

  • Hire for Advertising
  • Once you’ve maximized your personal advertising capacity, hire help.
  • Bring on a videographer and a media buyer to offload paid ads work.

Level 4: Leveraging Referrals

Primary Actions:

  • Product Focus & Team Expansion
  • Improve your product to get consistent referrals (aim for 25% of customers from referrals).
  • Once referrals are consistent, scale your advertising with a larger team.

Level 5: Diversifying Advertising

Primary Action:

  • Multi-Platform Advertising
  • Start advertising on multiple platforms using at least two methods.
  • Expand to new audiences and use all available ad placements and media types.
  • Grow your team to manage additional platforms and advertising methods.

Level 6: Hiring Experienced Executives

Primary Action

  • Hire Experienced Leaders
  • Bring on veteran executives to grow departments specific to advertising methods or platforms.
  • Look for experienced leaders, not just potential.
  • Ensure the executives have relevant experience and can teach you something.

Level 7: The Billion-Dollar Mark

  • (To be updated once crossed)

Final Thoughts

  • Remember, business is messy and requires experimentation.
  • Try different audiences, lead magnets, methods, and platforms.
  • The more you advertise, the more people learn about your offerings, leading to more sales.

The $100M+ Lead Machine

  • Scale tons of free content across various platforms.
  • Regularly make offers to your warm audience.
  • Have a ravenous audience that makes launches immediately profitable.
  • Run and scale profitable paid ads across multiple platforms.
  • Maintain a cold outreach team for customer acquisition.
  • Employ an affiliate manager for launching and integrating new affiliates.
  • Use recruiters and agencies to bring in more lead generators.
  • Ensure your product is excellent, leading to customer referrals.
  • Have an executive team that drives growth independently.
  • Aim to have more engaged leads than you can handle.

Remember, entrepreneurship is challenging and requires resilience. This roadmap is a guide to help you navigate the journey from $0 to $100M and beyond.



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